Match Day

577dFirdose Moonda in Johannesburg

'We haven't hit our peak yet' - Ferguson

South Australia used it as a stepping stone to the semi-finals while Guyana were only playing to claim their participation certificate

577dTelford Vice

Guyana's best not enough for victory

For Guyana, the point to prove was that they were a team worthy of this stage despite losing all their matches. They batted like men in sharp suits rather than surfer dudes fresh off the beach

Guyana 2nd innings Partnerships

1st9TM DowlinRN Ramdeen
2nd42RR SarwanRN Ramdeen
3rd56RR SarwanSA Jacobs
4th1RR SarwanCD Barnwell
5th22RR SarwanJA Foo
6th20RR SarwanDO Christian
7th4RR SarwanLJ Cush
8th22LJ CushAB Fudadin