Player of the Match
Player of the Match

48 | 10 Runs | ZIM: 211/7 | RR: 4.39

  • Prosper Utseya30 (28b)
  • Elton Chigumbura52 (68b)
  • Mitchell Starc10-3-41-2
  • Michael Clarke1-0-2-0

Superb win for Zimbabwe but the test gets tougher. People will expect more from them. Next game is South Africa v Australia and we will be back for that. Thanks for your comments and feedback. On behalf of Vishal Fixit, Galappan Muthu, this is Fevashish Duloria signing off. Ciao ciao.

Elton Chigumbura is the Man of the Match. He says, "I had to be there till the end. The most important thing was to stay calm. The guys worked very hard for this and supporters were behind us throughout. Today we showed some improvement. We just have to keep working. Hopefully we will have another good game on Thursday. Prosper came in and said he wanted to be positive. That was good for me because I could try and stay there."

Celebration tonight? "I have to ask the coach for that," quips Chiggy.

"Definitely not enough runs. But credit to Zimbabwe," says Michael Clarke. "They bowled well and batted well. We lost the match during our innings. And Zimbabwe showed us how to play spin. We have to make sure we are switched on for our next match against South Africa." Clarke also says that he will be flying back to Australia in the next 24 hours to work on his fitness.

Catch the flight to Harare for the party and join the Zimbabweans. The crowd has gone wild, the players have gone wild. They are all on the field to embrace Chiggy and Prosper. What a partnership this has been? 55 runs.. Superb knock by the captain - he stayed calm through the innings there. Who doesn't love the big brother getting a kick up the backside. It was not an easy target and Australia were into it with a spell of four wicket from Nathan Lyon.. but then that last partnership was nothing less than heroic. Utseya couldn't do it in the last match despite a hat-trick but makes up this time with a smoking hit off the last ball.

"A bit tired but I am loving with the moment," says Prosper Utseya. "A big win. I told him that I was going to play positive and look to score otherwise the pressure gets to you. We are going to celebrate tonight. Very pleasing to cross the line, we have worked really hard for this."

"After the talks about the role of coach etc, The win tops everything. We bowled differently. We have different roles and we executed them well," says Nyumbu

"Great series so far and great to be over the line," says Brendan Taylor, who wasn't born when Zimbabwe beat Australia last time. Stephen Mangongo is all smiles too.. he needed this win desperately too.

Australia have now lost two in a row. They scored 327 and lost. Scored 209 and lost. This is at least good for the tournament which was looking horribly two-sided to start with.

ZCFOutkast: "AUS indiscipline hrough extras helped yes, but in most grounds a lot of those twos and threes would've been boundaries. Much maligned Mangongo's Zimbabwe have been excellent!"

Tom: "As an Australian I have nothing but congrats for the 'Babs! The more competitive sides in international cricket, the better. I hope this victory sets you up for a big future"

Tess: "Number 10 ranked team defeating Number 1 ranked team #humiliating"

Starc to Utseya, SIX runs, U T S E Y AAAAAA! Smokes it over deep midwicket for a massive hit.. Zimbabwe have beaten Australia after 31 years...!!!

One hit away Zimbabwe.. Party is on.. Harare is the place to be tonight

A long wait ends


Number of days between Zimbabwe's last ODI win against Australia, in the 1983 World Cup, and this one

End of a long wait?


The year in which Zimbabwe beat Australia for the first and only time. It was their first meeting; Zimbabwe have lost 27 ODIs since

The slide continues


The fewest runs for which Australia have lost five wickets against Zimbabwe in an ODI - which happened in today's game

Zimbabwe spinners at work


The fewest runs for which Australia have lost four wickets against Zimbabwe in an ODI - which happened in today's game