Match Details


South Australia , elected to field first

Player Of The Match


Hours of play (local time)

11.30 start, First Session 11.30-15.00 Interval 15.00-15.45, Second Session 15.45-19.15

Match days

02 October 2016 (50-over match)

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee


Western Australia 2, South Australia 2

South Aust 2nd innings Partnerships

1st52AT CareyJ Weatherald
2nd48CJ FergusonAT Carey
3rd31TLW CooperAT Carey
4th28AT CareyAI Ross
5th45AI RossJS Lehmann
6th1JS LehmannC Valente
7th26KW RichardsonJS Lehmann
8th8JS LehmannTD Andrews
9th1JS LehmannNJ Benton
10th2NJ BentonWA Agar