3rd ODI (D/N), Basseterre, Aug 25 2014, Bangladesh tour of West Indies
(50 ov, target 339)247/8
West Indies won by 91 runs
player of the match
Denesh Ramdin
West Indies
end of over 5017 runs
BDESH: 247/8CRR: 4.94 
Abdur Razzak5 (5)
Mashrafe Mortaza15 (9)
Chris Gayle8-0-58-0
Ravi Rampaul10-2-29-4

And there you have it folks, West Indies go into the T20 on the back of three wins on the bounce, while Bangladesh once again return to the drawing board as they look to concoct a recipe for success. It is a new series, so a fresh start would certainly be appreciated by both the players and management. We hope you will join us for what promises to be an exciting encounter on the 27th. Till then, this is Rohan Sharma, on behalf of Alagappan Muthu and the scorers Thilak Ram and S Balasubramanian, saying good night and good luck!

Denesh Ramdin has been adjudged Man of the Series

Dwayne Bravo, West Indies captain: It is a great team effort. Happy to win this series 3-0. Congratulations to the entire team, the management, all the other guys. 3-0 is a better result than 2-1. Special congrats for Darren Bravo and Denesh Ramdin on their hundreds today. The guys are hungry for success and that is very important. When we sit down to discuss our team plans we have always discussed how important it is to be consistent and to play the brand of cricket that we are capable of. We now look forward to the T20 game, and we hope to come with the same attitude. Not much is going to change as we are hungry for success. We want to keep putting on a good team effort going forward. We look forward to great things ahead.

Mushfiqur Rahim, Bangladesh captain: I thought they bowled really well up front (Bangladesh), but the way they scored 300 it was always going to be difficult. I thought they were too good on the day. There is a lot of work to be done before the T20 as we need to come up with some good plans for these short boundaries and big hitters. I thought Anamul played really well in the first match, and then Tamim really played well today.

Denesh Ramdin, Man of the Match: Dwayne said he needed someone to bat through the innings and I put my hand up. Darren helped me get there and rotate the strike and hit some boundaries on the way. Bangladesh's seamers bowled well early, then Darren took over and then finally I took over to look for quick runs. Spending time on the golf course may have helped with my good form! I just try to give myself time in the middle and not look to hit too hard in the nets. Was never thinking about the record (highest ODI score for WI batsman).

Denesh Ramdin is the Man of the Match for his 169

We will be back shortly for quotes from the match presentation

The West Indies on the other hand couldn't have asked for a better result for this series. Their batsmen have found form at a crucial time, especially the likes of Darren Bravo and Denesh Ramdin. Rampaul was the pick of the bowlers with 4 for 29 in his ten overs.

Bangladesh will be plenty pleased with how they managed to stick it out, despite never coming close to eclipsing this massive total. With the manner in which they collapsed in the second ODI, this has been a huge improvement, and should bode well for them as they enter the lone T20 on the 27th.

Another big win for the West Indies as this one peters out to a 91-run victory for the Caribbean party, with a 3-0 series whitewash sealed, their third in only 22 years.

Gayle to Razzak, 1 run

slaps this one pitched wide of off stump down to long on to bring the match to an end

Gayle to Razzak, no run

bowls one which spins away as Razzak once again looks to clear the field, but is late on it as it spins away

Gayle to Razzak, FOUR runs

just stand and deliver as Razzak just bludgeons this through the line through extra-cover for four

Gayle to Mortaza, 1 run

almost yorker-length from Gayle as this one is drilled to long on

Gayle to Mortaza, no run

misses the slog sweep and gets hit on the pad, Razzak wants the run but Mortaza says no

Gayle to Mortaza, 5 wide

what a time to bowl a wide! The keeper couldn't do much about it as it was fired down the leg side

Gayle to Mortaza, SIX runs

not the best start if that is their aim as Mortaza creates room by backing away to this ball pitched up to him as he smashes this over the head of Gayle for a six over long on

Final over now. Can West Indies pluck out two and bowl out Bangladesh before their final 50 overs?

end of over 492 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 230/8CRR: 4.69 • RRR: 109.00 • Need 109 runs from 6b
Abdur Razzak0 (2)
Mashrafe Mortaza8 (6)
Ravi Rampaul10-2-29-4
Chris Gayle7-0-41-0

jeff: "Sammy is the insurance policy he comes in lower down if needed or bowls if the 5th bowler fails. "

Rampaul to Razzak, no run

finishes off his ten-over spell with a beautiful back of a length ball which shapes away upon pitching as this flies to the keeper behind

Rampaul to Razzak, no run

going round the wicket to Razzak as this is delivered up and near the off stump, with Razzak playing back towards the bowler

In steps the experienced campaigner, Abdur Razzak

Rampaul to Sohag Gazi, OUT

bowled 'im! full and fast and on target and all Rampaul needed was for Gazi to miss, which he does as he looks to blast this out of St Kitts. Gazi, however, is unmoved as they await the no-ball replay. Rampaul looks safe, but only just, as he has a little bit of his boot behind the line upon impact

Sohag Gazi b Rampaul 24 (29m 26b 3x4 0x6) SR: 92.31
Rampaul to Sohag Gazi, no run

plays this one from the crease

Rampaul to Mortaza, 1 run

up in the blockhole as Sohag gets some willow on it before setting off for a quick single as the ball rolls to the off side. The throw coming in manages to hit the stumps at the non-striker's, but his bat didn't come down in time, and he would have been given out if someone had appealed, but no one appealed, and that is a lesson learned young'uns . Mortaza fortunate to get away with that one

Rampaul to Sohag Gazi, 1 run

follows the batsman as he looks to back away to create room. Ends up digging this one out successfully