14th match (N), Mumbai, Mar 20 2010, Indian Premier League
(19.1/20 ov, target 152)155/3
RCB won by 7 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
player of the match
Jacques Kallis
Royal Challengers Bangalore

Bangalore have moved to the top of the table. That's it from us. Thanks for logging on. Bye

Bravo to Kallis, FOUR runs

low dipping full toss and Kallis plays a delightful straight drive past the non-striker. A little pump of fist from him. Bangalore have won by 7 wickets. Kallis will remain not out yet again.

end of over 199 runs
RCB: 151/3CRR: 7.94 • RRR: 1.00 • Need 1 run from 6b
Eoin Morgan7 (6)
Jacques Kallis62 (54)
Kieron Pollard2-0-24-0
Lasith Malinga4-0-25-0
Pollard to Morgan, 2 runs

drags the short-of-length delivery to deep square-leg region for couple of runs. The scores are level.

SriHarsha: "Same here! I used to get bored by the slowness of his innings... after seeing the way he has adapted to even 20 over format there's only one thing i have to say - hats off Kallis!"

Pollard to Kallis, 1 run

leans forward to push the full-length delivery to right of mid-off

Pollard to Kallis, no run

slower, fuller, around off stump line, squeezed out to backward point

Pollard to Kallis, FOUR runs

That should settle it. Pollard banged it short and Kallis nearly pulled it to Bravo at deep midwicket boundary. Bravo ran in and threw in a dive but couldn't reach. Pollart holds his head in agony.

Sameer: "Thank God Liam didn't wished to see Dale Stayn in Batting, otherwise you never know :p"

Pollard to Morgan, 1 run

short in length and just outside off, run down to third man

Pollard to Kallis, 1 run

banged in short around off stump line, pulled away to deep midwicket

Venkataraghavan: "A decade ago, I used to hate this man, because it was not easy to remove him. My hatred was worse after he hit the match winning 90+ against us in the 99 WC. Time can change things and see how has it changed. Am enjoying every run that Kallis is scoring for Bangalore. Cricket is a funny game and can change even loyalties ;-)"

end of over 186 runs
RCB: 142/3CRR: 7.88 • RRR: 5.00 • Need 10 runs from 12b
Eoin Morgan4 (4)
Jacques Kallis56 (50)
Lasith Malinga4-0-25-0
Zaheer Khan4-0-18-1
Malinga to Morgan, 2 runs

on the pads, clipped wide of fine-leg fielder for couple of runs

Malinga to Morgan, no run

length delivery on the middle and off, steered to backward point

Malinga to Kallis, 1 run

slowish bouncer around off, Kallis swats it past square-leg

Malinga to Morgan, 1 run

slow length delivery around off stump line, pushed through point

Malinga to Kallis, 1 run

flicks the full delivery past square-leg

Malinga to Morgan, 1 run

goes for the slow yorker, short of the blockhole, stabbed to the off side

end of over 174 runs • 1 wicket
RCB: 136/3CRR: 8.00 • RRR: 5.33 • Need 16 runs from 18b
Jacques Kallis54 (48)
Zaheer Khan4-0-18-1
Harbhajan Singh4-0-35-1
Khan to Kohli, OUT

Virat is run out .. Slightly slower, short in length, Kohli is early through his pull shot and the ball bounds off the body to the off side ... Pollard swoops in from backward point and fires a direct hit at the non-striker's end with Kohli just outside the crease .. Virat lost a valuable second as he turned to look back at the fielder to see which side he was going to throw. mistake.

Virat Kohli run out (Pollard) 17 (12b 0x4 2x6) SR: 141.67
Khan to Kallis, 1 run

low full toss, Kallis calmly taps it to long-off

Khan to Kohli, 1 run

from round the stumps, full and outside off, sliced away uppishly to third man

Khan to Kohli, no run

hurls across a bouncer and Kohli withdraws his pull shot and gets out of the way

Khan to Kohli, no run

short in length, moving across Kohli who guides to backward point

Khan to Kohli, 2 runs

stays on the back foot to clip it to left of Malinga at deep backward square-leg