12th Match, Belfast, Jun 30 2021, Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Limited Over Cup
(50 ov, target 310)300/8
Reds won by 9 runs
Player Of The Match
125 (130)
end of over 5011 runs
NK: 300/8CRR: 6.00 
John Matchett9 (4)
Ross Adair8 (8)
Fionn Hand 6-0-52-0
Josh Manley 10-0-51-3

The Knights fall just short of chasing down the Reds huge total. Finishing on 300 for 8 off their fifty overs. Georgeson scored a brilliant century, but didn't have the support at the end as the runrate kept going upwards.

Atb the half-way point the Knights looked in charge of the chase, yet the lose of Tector meant that the innings lost momentum just when it needed to go the other way. Luke Georgeson created his own history, the first Northern Knight to score a century.

For the Munster Reds, both Manley and Cawley ended up with three wickets, to help the Reds to their first ever IP50 win. You can tell that they are delighted with that. Murray Commins has just been named player of the match for his Century.

The Reds pick up four points for the victory to end the year on 8 points and tied with their opponents today. They finish bottom due to runrate, not that they will care as they celebrate this win into the night.

That brings to the end the IP50 competition this year, we haven't even got into July yet! The interpros now go on the back burner for the next couple of months.

With plenty of International games scheduled over the next couple of months, the Interpro's aren't scheduled to return until the middle of September.

I hope that you have enjoyed our coverage over the past 9 weeks, and I certainly hope that you follow along when the competition starts off again.

This is Justin Smyth saying goodnight from Stormont.

Hand to Matchett, 1 run

blocks the ball down into the ground. They run through for a single and the Reds Win!

Hand to Adair, 1 run

driven to extra cover, the fielder stops the ball and that's almost won it for the Reds

Hand to Matchett, 3 runs

works the ball towards the third man boundary. Moor chases the ball back but the batters have time to come back for a third

15 needed off three

Hand to Adair, 1 run

hits the ball towards the cover sweeper

Hand to Matchett, 1 run

works the ball through square leg, brings Ross Adair back on strike

17 needed off five

Hand to Matchett, FOUR runs

boundary off the first ball! Thick edges the ball down to the third man boundary.

end of over 498 runs • 1 wicket
NK: 289/8CRR: 5.89 RRR: 21.00
Ross Adair6 (6)
John Matchett0 (0)
Josh Manley 10-0-51-3
Aaron Cawley 10-0-60-3

Hand to bowl the last over, 20 needed for the Knights to win

Manley to Adair, no run

big swing and miss again from Adair, didn't move his feet to get close to the ball

Manley to Georgeson, OUT

Georgeson finally falls. Hit's the ball towards cow corner, Carty is in the perfect position on the boundary and takes the catch.

Luke Georgeson c Carty b Manley 128 (164m 118b 11x4 3x6) SR: 108.47
Manley to Georgeson, no run

tries to scoop the ball again and misses.

Manley to Georgeson, no run

dot ball! Looks to ramp the ball again and misses

Manley to Georgeson, FOUR runs

ramps the ball just out of the keepers reach, runs away to the fine third man boundary again

Manley to Georgeson, FOUR runs

lovely shot from Georgeson, moves across the stumps, scoops the ball over the top of the keeper. Had moved across so much it went to the fine third man boundary