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South Africa vs Pakistan, 3rd Test at Johannesburg, PAK in SA, Jan 11 2019 - Ball by Ball Commentary

3rd Test, Johannesburg, January 11 - 14, 2019, Pakistan tour of South Africa
262 & 303
(T:381) 185 & 273

South Africa won by 107 runs

Player Of The Match
129 & 7 catches
Player Of The Series
24 wkts
PAK 2nd Innings
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12.05pm That is that. Resuming from an overnight 153 for 3, Pakistan have been dismissed for 273. Olivier produced a double-strike - removing Babar and Sarfraz off successive balls - and set SA up for an emphatic win inside four days. Shadab punched his way to 47 but it only served to reduce the margin of defeat. So, SA sew up the series 3-0. The celebrations begin in their camp. SA have leapfrogged England and NZ to second in the ICC rankings while Pakistan have slid to seventh.

Sarfraz: We lost 3-0, but credit to their bowlers. They bowled really well. Shan Masood played really well, the way Babar shows his class. Shan and Babar were the positives. If you see Olivier is one of the best bowlers of this series. He bowled very well and he bowled fast.

De Kock, Player of the Match for his equal Test-best of 129: Any Test hundred will mean a lot. I've worked hard over a last couple of months. Me and Dale Benky have worked on a few technical things. Big man Olivier is bowling very well, he has done it at the franchise level, and it's a great show at the international level. The old man [Steyn] is back, great to see him bowling in full flight.

Olivier, Man of the Series, for his 24 wickets at an average of 14.62: Look at the end of the day I'm proud of my performances but it's a team effort. I'm just happy to contribute to the team. The Wanders has some bounce, so you don't have to bowl that short although my pitch map says I was short. Each bowler brings something. For me it's about bringing some different to this team.

Elgar: This is right up there and extremely proud of the guys and it's a good way to start the year. Not too many Tests, but we've spoken at length as to what we want to achieve. Temperamental quicks - all of them - but we are fortunate to have bowlers who are experienced. They're awesome to work with. The support was awesome from the crowd. Even though people were potentially busy, the crowd was awesome. Pakistan's bowling unit it right up there. But don't want to take anything away from 3-nil.

Elgar collects the trophy and the South African players get together to soak their thumping series win. That's all we have for you from the Test series. Do come back for the ODI series. This is Deivarayan Muthu signing off on the behalf of Varun Shetty, Venkat Raghav, and P Ranjith. Cheers

ICYMI: AB de Villiers to play PSL matches in Lahore

Umer: "Olivier is the main difference between the two sides. He took out the cream of Pakistan batting in all matches. Pakistan batsman had no clue how to play him in all 3 test matches. Man of the series for me."

Waseem Abbas: "Look at the scorecard a lot of starts but not a real conversion into big score. I think this is where Pakistani batsmen failed to capitalized on once settled in the middle especially in SA. You need to learn the art of test batting as just Pujara showed his class in Australia. "

Elgar to Abbas, OUT

A mix-up between the wickets and that aptly sums up Pakistan's tour. SA sweep them 3-0! Tossed full around off, forced away towards mid-on, Abbas risks a single, he's eventually sent back by Shadab. Horrible running. Markram, I think, swoops down on the ball and throws it to de Kock, who finishes off the game

Mohammad Abbas run out (Markram/†de Kock) 9 (18b 1x4 0x6 30m) SR: 50
Elgar to Abbas, no run

donkey drop, lands just a shade outside off, defended. 76ks

Elgar to Abbas, no run

dangled up on off, 77ks, very full, dead-batted away by Abbas

Elgar to Shadab, 1 run

full on off, backs away outside leg and drills to deep cover does Shadab

SA have claimed the extra 30 minutes to press for victory. Elgar brings himself on

end of over 652 runs
PAK: 272/9CRR: 4.18 
Mohammad Abbas9 (15b 1x4)
Shadab Khan46 (65b 7x4)
Duanne Olivier 15-2-74-3
Dale Steyn 20-2-80-2
Olivier to Abbas, no run

full-toss dipping in to take the pad, not given by S Ravi. But this seems to be heading down leg and SA have exhausted their reviews

Olivier to Abbas, no run

kicks up from a back of a length outside off, fended off

Olivier to Abbas, no run

fuller and outside off, tickled to gully

Olivier to Abbas, no run

back of a length and shoved down the leg side, away from the reach of Abbas' flick

Olivier to Shadab, 1 run

short at the body, short-armed away to deep midwicket off the back foot

Noman Saleem: "I have been listening since ages that fawad alam should have been selected but i want to give a reality check here. Although fawad is great prospect in many conditions but he is one of the worst player off the short balls."

Olivier to Abbas, 1 run

sloppy stuff from gully. Abbas rides the bounce of this short ball outside off and fends it to Markram, who misfields and lets Abbas off strike

Olivier is back into the attack

end of over 647 runs
PAK: 270/9CRR: 4.21 
Shadab Khan45 (64b 7x4)
Mohammad Abbas8 (10b 1x4)
Dale Steyn 20-2-80-2
Kagiso Rabada 16-2-75-3
Steyn to Shadab, FOUR runs

full and outside off, Shadab gets forward, opens the face, and deftly runs it away between gully and point

Steyn to Shadab, no run

on a length on off, 143ks, Shadab presses forward and blocks solidly

Steyn to Abbas, 3 runs

pitched up and outside off, driven straight off mid-on off the front foot

Steyn to Abbas, no run

short and on leg stump, Abbas ducks again. Steyn cranks it up to 145ks

Alee: "@asam, we have good players like fawad Alam whose average is above 50 in tests but I don't know why the selectors are ignoring him..."

Steyn to Abbas, no run

lifter just a shade outside off, 142ks, Abbas ducks out of the way

Steyn to Abbas, no run

full and holds its line outside off, left alone

end of over 637 runs
PAK: 263/9CRR: 4.17 
Shadab Khan41 (62b 6x4)
Mohammad Abbas5 (6b 1x4)
Kagiso Rabada 16-2-75-3
Dale Steyn 19-2-73-2
Rabada to Shadab, no run

Shadab aims to duck into a short ball angling in at off, then defends belatedly and keeps it out

Rabada to Shadab, FOUR runs

short and wide outside off, Shadab leaps and batters it up and over point. Scythed away with both feet in the air

Rabada to Shadab, no run

bouncer from wide of the crease, Shadab ducks under it

Rabada to Shadab, no run

Shadab jabs away from the body and under-edges it to gully

Rabada to Shadab, 2 runs

gets on top of a short ball outside off and punches away to deep point. Shadab hares back for the second

Rabada to Abbas, 1 run

on a length and snakes in, off the inside half and rolls away to the right of short leg

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