2nd Test, Leeds, August 02 - 06, 2012, South Africa tour of England
419 & 258/9d
(T:253) 425 & 130/4

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
1/26, 149 & 3/52
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ENG 2nd Innings
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end of over 334 runs
ENG: 130/4CRR: 3.93 
Jonathan Trott30 (57b 3x4)
Ian Bell3 (34b)
Jacques Kallis 4-2-7-0
Morne Morkel 10-4-33-0

But that's it from me. My thanks to Monty and Gnasher for the commentary alongside myself from Headingley. Until Lord's, so long....

Plenty more action to come here on ESPNcricinfo. We. have a T20 between India and Sri Lanka tomorrow at 13.30 GMT so tune in for that and also log on for all the County Championship action, a new round with plenty of games starts tomorrow.

Unfortunately we can't bring you the presentation tonight because of the late finish, coverage isn't available to us. But, as ever, there will be plenty of reaction from both camps. Firdose Moonda will be mulling over South Africa's performance - on the brink of more history, they have maintained their unbeaten run away from home remember. And George Dobell will assess how England can win the third Test and maintain their No. 1 ranking. Already we have the blow by blow account of today's action by David Hopps.

So South Africa remain 1-0 up in the series and go to Lord's needing only a draw to secure the series and go to No. 1 in the world Test rankings. That match takes place in a couple of week's time, and we'll be there as ever to bring you all the coverage from August 16.

And there's the draw with Graeme Smith finally offering his hand. It was his declaration that set up a chase here this evening and England were never really in the chase but in the end did well to have a go to start with and then bat out solidly for the draw.

Kallis to Trott, no run

full and wide, left alone outside off

Kallis to Trott, FOUR runs

full and solidly timed away past cover, really well timed

Kallis to Trott, no run

step across the off stump and blocked into midwicket

Kallis to Trott, no run

bumper down the leg side, poor again

Kallis to Trott, no run

through to the keeper, left outside off

Kallis to Trott, no run

just outside off and blocked coming forward

Smith carrying on...

end of over 327 runs
ENG: 126/4CRR: 3.93 
Jonathan Trott26 (51b 2x4)
Ian Bell3 (34b)
Morne Morkel 10-4-33-0
Jacques Kallis 3-2-3-0
Morkel to Trott, 1 run

goes for the yorker again, Trott digs it out and gets it to long leg

Morkel to Trott, no run

back of a length that bounces again, wide enough to leave outside off stump

Again why not all out attack...

Morkel to Trott, FOUR runs

gets one right and this takes the shoulder of the bat and flies wide of third slip, away from the despairing dive of the slip

Morkel to Trott, no run

good yorker and well kept out by Trott

Morkel to Trott, no run

short and blocked outside off

Morkel to Trott, 2 runs

rides the bounce and plays past short leg, they take two to long leg

Smith wants to keep going...eight overs to go...

end of over 31Maiden
ENG: 119/4CRR: 3.83 
Ian Bell3 (34b)
Jonathan Trott19 (45b 1x4)
Jacques Kallis 3-2-3-0
Morne Morkel 9-4-26-0
Kallis to Bell, no run

blocked just outside off

Kallis to Trott, 1 leg bye

down the leg side, Trott gets well out of the way, evasive action so they take a leg bye off the body, he got the hands inside it well

Kallis to Trott, no run

short and down the leg side, easily ducked

Short leg goes in...

Kallis to Trott, no run

forward and played out to point

Kallis to Trott, no run

better, rises up and Trott gets on top of it and guides it towards gully, just about, definite bounce for Kallis

Kallis to Trott, no run

wide and left alone, they haven't bowled too well since drinks to be fair

Nine overs left, fading light, surely this is end of game...

end of over 30Maiden
ENG: 118/4CRR: 3.93 
Ian Bell3 (33b)
Jonathan Trott19 (40b 1x4)
Morne Morkel 9-4-26-0
Jacques Kallis 2-1-3-0
Morkel to Bell, no run

length and played towards the on side again

Morkel to Bell, no run

full again and blocked to mid on