Ben Stokes has become just the sixth batsman, and first England player, to be given out obstructing the field in a one-day international. The incident occurred in the 26th over of England's chase at Lord's when Stokes reacted to a shy at the stumps by the bowler, Mitchell Starc, by sticking out a glove as he spun away from the throw.

Matthew Wade, the wicketkeeper, was the most vocal in making the appeal which was then supported by captain Steven Smith. It led the on-field umpires, Kumar Dharmasena and Tim Robinson, to call for the third umpire, Joel Wilson, to adjudicate on the decision which he viewed in slow motion.

Then, amid a chorus of boos around Lord's, Stokes was given out with Eoin Morgan clearly unhappy with the decision while the England balcony looked on astonished.

Law 37 (obstructing the field) states: "Either batsman is out Obstructing the field if he wilfully attempts to obstruct or distract the fielding side by word or action. In particular, but not solely, it shall be regarded as obstruction and either batsman will be out Obstructing the field if while the ball is in play and after the striker has completed the act of playing the ball, as defined in Law 33.1, he wilfully strikes the ball with (i) a hand not holding the bat, unless this is in order to avoid injury. See also Law 33.2 (Not out Handled the ball). (ii) any other part of his person or with his bat. See also Law 34 (Hit the ball twice). "

The only player to be out obstructed the field in a Test was England's Len Hutton against South Africa at The Oval in 1951.