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4th Test, The Oval, August 28 - September 03, 1975, Australia tour of England
(T:198) 532/9d & 40/2
(f/o) 191 & 538

Match drawn

Australia 1st INNINGS 
Rick McCosker c Roope b Old12729437014043.19
Alan Turner c Steele b Old22725007.40
Ian Chappell (c)c Greig b Woolmer19236743917052.31
Greg Chappell c †Knott b Old013000.00
Ross Edwards c Edrich b Snow441351602032.59
Doug Walters  b Underwood6514516910044.82
Rod Marsh c & b Greig32293670110.34
Max Walker c Steele b Greig1328323046.42
Jeff Thomson c Old b Greig011000.00
Dennis Lillee not out 2837633175.67
Ashley Mallett not out 542421011.90
Extras(lb 5, nb 17, w 2)24
TOTAL181 Ov (RR: 2.93)532/9d
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (Alan Turner), 2-284 (Rick McCosker), 3-286 (Greg Chappell), 4-356 (Ian Chappell), 5-396 (Ross Edwards), 6-441 (Rod Marsh), 7-477 (Max Walker), 8-477 (Jeff Thomson), 9-501 (Doug Walters)
Chris Old2877432.64---00
John Snow2747412.74---00
Bob Woolmer1833812.11---00
Phil Edmonds38711803.10---00
Derek Underwood44139612.18---00
Tony Greig24510734.45---00
David Steele21100.50---00
England 1st INNINGS 
Barry Wood  b Walker3250546064.00
John Edrich lbw b Walker12981410012.24
David Steele  b Lillee39801065148.75
Graham Roope c Turner b Walker047000.00
Bob Woolmer c Mallett b Thomson517220029.41
Tony Greig (c)c †Marsh b Lillee1732422053.12
Alan Knott lbw b Walker929460031.03
Phil Edmonds c †Marsh b Thomson430450013.33
Chris Old not out 2551714049.01
John Snow c GS Chappell b Thomson3039413176.92
Derek Underwood c GS Chappell b Thomson013000.00
Extras(lb 3, nb 12, w 3)18
TOTAL69.1 Ov (RR: 2.76)191
Fall of wickets: 1-45 (Barry Wood), 2-78 (John Edrich), 3-83 (Graham Roope), 4-96 (David Steele), 5-103 (Bob Woolmer), 6-125 (Tony Greig), 7-131 (Alan Knott), 8-147 (Phil Edmonds), 9-190 (John Snow), 10-191 (Derek Underwood)
Dennis Lillee1974422.31---00
Jeff Thomson22.175042.25---00
Max Walker2576342.52---00
Ashley Mallett311605.33---00
Barry Wood lbw b Thomson221271714017.32
John Edrich  b Lillee962893626033.21
David Steele c †Marsh b Lillee661752156037.71
Graham Roope  b Lillee7721124211036.49
Bob Woolmer lbw b Walters14939049520038.20
Tony Greig (c)c †Marsh b Lillee1551592029.41
Alan Knott c †Marsh b Walters641491846042.95
Chris Old c IM Chappell b Walters054000.00
Phil Edmonds run out 710101070.00
John Snow c & b Walters052000.00
Derek Underwood not out 3870037.50
Extras(b 2, lb 15, nb 17, w 5)39
TOTAL233.5 Ov (RR: 2.30)538
Fall of wickets: 1-77 (Barry Wood), 2-202 (John Edrich), 3-209 (David Steele), 4-331 (Graham Roope), 5-371 (Tony Greig), 6-522 (Alan Knott), 7-522 (Chris Old), 8-533 (Phil Edmonds), 9-533 (John Snow), 10-538 (Bob Woolmer)
Dennis Lillee52189141.75---00
Jeff Thomson3096312.10---00
Max Walker46159101.97---00
Ashley Mallett64319501.48---00
Ian Chappell1765203.05---00
Doug Walters10.533443.13---00
Greg Chappell1225304.41---00
Ross Edwards2020010.00---00
Australia 2nd INNINGS (Target: 198 runs)
Rick McCosker not out 2555553045.45
Alan Turner c Woolmer b Greig829311027.58
Ross Edwards c Old b Underwood211110018.18
Greg Chappell not out 4891050.00
Extras(lb 1)1
TOTAL17.1 Ov (RR: 2.33)40/2
Fall of wickets: 1-22 (Alan Turner), 2-33 (Ross Edwards)
Chris Old20703.50---00
John Snow21402.00---00
Phil Edmonds6.121402.27---00
Derek Underwood20512.50---00
Tony Greig52911.80---00
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Kennington Oval, London
TossAustralia, elected to bat first
Series resultAustralia won the 4-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 763
Match daysday (6-day match)
Dickie Bird
Tom Spencer
Thu, 28 Aug - day 1 - Australia 1st innings 280/1 (Rick McCosker 126*, Ian Chappell 142*)
Fri, 29 Aug - day 2 - England 1st innings 19/0 (Barry Wood 16*, John Edrich 0*)
Sat, 30 Aug - day 3 - England 1st innings 169/8 (Chris Old 21*, John Snow 13*)
Sun, 31 Aug - rest day
Mon, 01 Sep - day 4 - England 2nd innings 179/1 (John Edrich 91*, David Steele 52*)
Tue, 02 Sep - day 5 - England 2nd innings 333/4 (Bob Woolmer 37*, Tony Greig 1*)
Wed, 03 Sep - day 6 - Australia 2nd innings 40/2 (17.1 ov) - end of match
  • Following on 341 runs behind, England scored their highest 2nd innings total against Australia, Innings lasted 886 minutes
  • Woolmer took 394 minutes to reach his hundred
  • McCosker and I.Chappell 277 in 343 minutes
  • Longest first class match in England, Actual playing time, excluding 187 minutes lost, amounted to 32 hours 17 minutes
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