Giants vs Kings, Eliminator at Jodhpur, Legends League, Oct 03 2022 - Match Result

Eliminator (N), Jodhpur, October 03, 2022, Legends League Cricket
(18.3/20 ov, T:195) 195/4

Kings won by 6 wickets (with 9 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
60 (43) & 2 catches
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Scorecard summary
Gujarat Giants 194/9(20 overs)
2/28 (4)
1/31 (4)
Bhilwara Kings 195/4(18.3 overs)

11:27pm Right. That will be a wrap from us for tonight. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Do hop in on Wednesday as the Bhilwara Kings take on the India Capitals in the final. Till then, stay safe, goodbye and goodnight!

William Porterfield, Player of the Match: It felt pretty good. It is great to start off. A good partnership in the first six and that makes things easier. The plan was very straightforward - get to a decent start and maximise the first six. It has been great, you have lads coming in like Irfan, Yusuf and Watson and that frees you up. Been on a bit of a roll and just got to bring that to the party on Wednesday.

Parthiv Patel, Gujarat Giants captain: I thought 194 was a pretty good score on this wicket. We were thinking 180-185 was a good score. Our bowling plans went in disarray. Our execution was not great. We were 10 runs short in terms of how we started. We felt 194 was a good enough score to defend here.

Irfan Pathan, Bhilwara Kings captain: We wanted to bowl first. I knew that this was a different pitch and that the ball would turn. But I wanted to trust my batting ability and back ourselves chasing. The way both openers started was outstanding. Since Morne has come in, Porterfield has started to blossom. Things become much easier when your openers start off like that. Watson was hitting sixes at will. When you have him and Yusuf in the side, chasing becomes easier. Sreesanth bowled well and great attitude by Edwards to bowl after his hamstring was gone. Credit to all the team members and our owner. He has been backing us to take decisions. We have lot of injuries. Hopefully if we can get replacements at the last minute, it would be good. Otherwise, I back my players to get the job done.

McClenaghan to Watson, 1 run

full delivery down the leg side. Watson comes forward and glances the ball down to the sweeper at fine leg for one more run

McClenaghan to Watson, 1 wide

slower bumper outside off stump. Watson plays at least three strokes in his head before deciding to leave it alone. Called a wide for height, and rightly so

Just six runs needed now. Can Watson finish it with one blow?

McClenaghan to Watson, SIX runs

in the slot and out of the park! Angled into the batter on middle and leg stump. Watson stays low and whips it over deep mid wicket for six

McClenaghan gets another. Can he redeem himself against Watson? McClenaghan will start from around the wicket

end of over 1826 runs • 1 wicket
BK: 183/4CRR: 10.16 RRR: 6.00
Shane Watson41 (22b 2x4 4x6)
Sreenath Aravind 4-0-48-2
Mitchell McClenaghan 1-0-19-0
Aravind to Watson, 1 run

very full delivery outside off stump. Watson opens the bat face at the last moment and guides the ball towards backward point for a single

Aravind to Watson, FOUR runs

short delivery down the leg side. Watson lets the ball come to him before helping it over short fine leg for a much-needed boundary

Aravind to Watson, no run

back of a length delivery outside off stump that skids through. Watson is late on the stroke and ends up jamming his bat into the ground while attempting a dab

Aravind to Pathan, OUT

gone this time! Is there a twist in the tale? Full delivery angled into the batter on off stump. Pathan looks to carve it over point but does not quite get under it. The ball arrows off the outer part of the bat towards backward point, where Dilshan makes no mistake

Irfan Pathan c Dilshan b Aravind 23 (13b 1x4 2x6) SR: 176.92
Aravind to Watson, 1 run

slower delivery on a back of a length outside off stump. Watson goes back and cuts it powerfully towards deep cover point for a single

The McClenaghan substitution did not quite work in the previous over and the Giants are now on the brink. The Kings only require 19 runs off 18 balls, and they should get it done

end of over 1719 runs
BK: 176/3CRR: 10.35 RRR: 6.33
Irfan Pathan23 (12b 1x4 2x6)
Shane Watson35 (18b 1x4 4x6)
Mitchell McClenaghan 1-0-19-0
Rayad Emrit 2-0-27-0
McClenaghan to Pathan, SIX runs

six more! Another slot ball outside off stump and Pathan takes full toll. He has to fetch this one a little but manages to comfortably clear long on for the second successive time

McClenaghan to Pathan, SIX runs

Pathan power! Slower delivery on a length outside off stump. Pathan picks up the variation very early and clubs it over long on for six

McClenaghan to Pathan, 1 wide

banged into the track outside off stump. Pathan leaves it well alone and then sees the umpire signal it a wide for height. Seems the right call

McClenaghan to Pathan, FOUR runs

Pathan puts it away! Full and fast but it is down the leg side. All Pathan has to do is tickle it past short fine leg and he does that to perfection

McClenaghan to Watson, 1 run

back of a length delivery outside off stump. Watson reaches out for it and punches the ball towards deep cover point for another single

Back to over the wicket. Third man is up in the circle

McClenaghan to Watson, no run

Almost! Back of a length delivery just outside off stump. Watson has a stab at it and nearly chops it back onto his stumps

McClenaghan to bowl around the wicket to Watson

McClenaghan to Pathan, 1 run

length delivery angled into the batter on leg stump. Pathan plays all over it as the ball trickles off the pads into the off side for a leg bye

Mitchell McClenaghan has been super subbed in place of O'Brien and he is into the attack straightaway

Watson has single-handedly brought the required run rate down to below 10. Irfan has given him support but he is yet to find his range. With only four overs remaining, the Giants need a wicket desperately. Maybe they can hatch a plan during the time-out

end of over 1612 runs
BK: 157/3CRR: 9.81 RRR: 9.50
Shane Watson34 (16b 1x4 4x6)
Irfan Pathan6 (8b)
Rayad Emrit 2-0-27-0
Jeevan Mendis 2-0-19-0

Match State: Drinks

Emrit to Watson, SIX runs

Watson on a roll! Slower delivery that lands right in the slot on leg stump. Watson gets down on one knee and shovels it over deep square leg

Emrit to Watson, 1 wide

wayward slower delivery outside off stump. Watson does not even contemplate playing a stroke as the umpire signals a wide

Emrit to Pathan, 1 run

full delivery on middle and leg stump. Pathan backs away and drags the ball towards deep mid wicket for a single

Match details
Barkatullah Khan Stadium, Jodhpur
TossGujarat Giants, elected to bat first
Players per sideGujarat Giants 13 (11 batting, 11 fielding); Bhilwara Kings 13 (11 batting, 11 fielding)
Player Of The Match
Series resultBhilwara Kings advanced
Match days3 October 2022 - night (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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