1st T20I (D/N), Auckland, January 15, 2016, Pakistan tour of New Zealand
(20 ov, T:172) 155

Pakistan won by 16 runs

Player Of The Match
23 (8), 2/26 & 3 catches
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end of over 203 runs • 2 wickets
NZ: 155/10CRR: 7.75 
Adam Milne2 (2)
Wahab Riaz 4-0-34-3
Mohammad Amir 4-0-31-1

10.35pm That's it from us after a highly entertaining T20 game between two quality sides. There's plenty of other cricket happening around the world - do tune in to our ball-by-ball coverage of all those games. Until we meet next time, goodbye!

Shahid Afridi - he's the Man of the Match too: "Mohammad Hafeez played an awesome innings, I must say it was a great team effort. We just arrived two days ago, we weren't used to the pitch. We were confident of defending 171. Must give credit to the fast bowlers, especially Umar Gul and Mohammad Amir, they came back [after a long time] and bowled tight. Those two wickets [I took] were crucial. First two overs I didn't bowl well, didn't bowl in the right areas, and there was something in the pitch for the spinners. [That diving catch I took] was amazing."

Kane Williamson: "Pakistan played very well, they are a very good T20 side. Thoroughly deserved. The ball was holding up a bit on the wicket and [our bowlers] were a little bot slow to adjust. We wanted to take the pace off the ball a little bit more on this surface, and we would have liked to do it a little bit better and a little bit longer on this surface. They perhaps learned from our performance a little bit and did it very very well. We weren't willing to suck up a few balls to get set, and failed to build partnerships. Hamilton will be a slightly different surface, we know we're in for a tough fight."

Shakeena Samadh: "That is what happens when you judge your batting strength with the performances against a young and inexperienced bowling attack like Sri Lanka."

Faisal: "What a match Afridi had today, i have been thinking how to demonstrate his 23 fihure but last ball of the match made it easy. so 23 runs means 2 wicket 3 catches. 2+3=5 means he is involved in 5 dismissals. Man of the Match?"

Moazam: "Eden Park is quite lucky for Pakistan. They had won the match against tournament favourite South Africa in WORLD CUP last year and now they had won against MIGHTY hitting New Zealand here"

DM: "Williamson has to stop running Guppy out."

Mian: "Good win by Pakistan but they should make one change for the next game: Mohammad Rizwan in for Sohaib Maqsood. Rizwan is a good fielder and a reliable batsman as well. Sohaib has been out of touch for way too long."

10.20pm An excellent display from Pakistan's bowlers, all five of them chipping in to keep New Zealand down to 155. Kane Williamson fought his way out of a scratchy start, played some excellent shots at the end, and Colin Munro gave the chase momentum with a quickfire fifty, but Pakistan kept getting wickets and pegging them back. A promising return to international cricket for Mohammad Amir, who picked up a wicket with his last ball, having been denied twice earlier by dropped catches.

Wahab Riaz to Boult, OUT

sees him backing away to make room, follows with the length ball at the body. Looks to hit inside-out, the ball hits high on his bat and he scoops a simple catch to cover, where Afridi settles under the ball

Trent Boult c Shahid Afridi b Wahab Riaz 0 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Wahab Riaz to Boult, no run

very full outside off, plays and misses looking to jab it through point

Wahab Riaz to Milne, 1 run

full outside off, driven to long-off

Wahab Riaz to Boult, 1 bye

wide yorker, perfect line to slide it under the bat as he looks to jab it away through point. Boult takes off, looking to steal a bye. Sarfraz throws it to the bowler, who decides to race with Boult to the crease instead of flinging the ball at the stumps, and Boult makes it to his crease

Wahab Riaz to Milne, 1 run

in the blockhole outside off, jabbed to cover

Trent Boult. Won't be on strike, though.

Wahab Riaz to Williamson, OUT

gone! Williamson's long fight ends. Full on leg stump, looks to flick it over the backward square leg region, is a little too early into the shot, and he picks out the fielder at deep square leg

Kane Williamson c Mohammad Hafeez b Wahab Riaz 70 (60b 6x4 1x6) SR: 116.66

Twice denied by dropped catches, but finally Amir picks up a wicket on his comeback game. Now Wahab comes on to defend 20 off the last over.

end of over 1910 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 152/8CRR: 8.00 RRR: 20.00
Kane Williamson70 (59)
Mohammad Amir 4-0-31-1
Umar Gul 4-0-38-2
Amir to Henry, OUT

low full-toss outside off and Afridi takes a simple catch! Flat-batted straight to cover

Matt Henry c Shahid Afridi b Mohammad Amir 10 (5b 2x4 0x6) SR: 200
Amir to Henry, 1 wide

wide yorker, that was slanted beyond the tramline outside off, and Henry reaches out and misses. Called wide, rightly so

Amir to Henry, 2 runs

full outside off, swiped away towards long-on

Amir to Henry, FOUR runs

length ball on leg stump and that's a poor ball under the circumstances. Henry clears his front leg and clubs it away to the right of the deep midwicket fielder. Poor attempt from Shoaib Malik on the boundary, too slow to move across

Amir to Williamson, 1 run

in the blockhole outside off, stabbed away towards cover, where Afridi stops it falling to his left

Amir to Williamson, no run

back of a length outside off, beats Williamson's attempt to stab that through point

Amir to Williamson, 2 runs

walks across his stumps and Amir follows with the full ball. Clipped away through midwicket

Karim: "That yorker reminded me of Guldozer from T20 worldcup."

end of over 189 runs • 1 wicket
NZ: 142/7CRR: 7.88 RRR: 15.00
Matt Henry4 (2)
Kane Williamson67 (56)
Umar Gul 4-0-38-2
Mohammad Amir 3-0-21-0
Umar Gul to Henry, no run

bouncer outside off, skids through at shoulder height and Henry can't connect with the attempted pull

Umar Gul to Henry, FOUR runs

nearly sneaks another through. Superb yorker again, but Henry manages to jam his bat down on it and get an inside-edge to squeeze it away to the boundary, to the right of the fine leg fielder

Matt Henry.

Umar Gul to Astle, OUT

yorker, and leg stump is dislodged. That was pinpoint, sneaks under Astle's bat as he jams down desperately to try and clip into the leg side

Todd Astle b Umar Gul 1 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20
Umar Gul to Williamson, 1 run

yorker, angling down leg, clipped to fine leg

Umar Gul to Williamson, FOUR runs

shot! This time he stays in his crease and Gul's attempted yorker ends up as a wide half-volley. Gets under it, slices it beautifully over point

Umar Gul to Williamson, no run

sees him coming down the track and bowls a full ball wide of off stump. Reaches out and can't put bat to ball

39 from 18. Gul to bowl his last over.

Anshul: "Amir could have atleast two wickets, both these batsmen, if the fielders had held on to easy catches!"

end of over 1711 runs
NZ: 133/6CRR: 7.82 RRR: 13.00
Kane Williamson62 (53)
Todd Astle1 (4)
Mohammad Amir 3-0-21-0
Wahab Riaz 3-0-32-1
Amir to Williamson, 1 run

back of a length on off stump, jabbed into the point region

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