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Hampshire vs Somerset, 1st Semi-Final at Birmingham, T20 Blast, Sep 18 2021 - Match Result

1st Semi-Final, Birmingham, September 18, 2021, Vitality Blast
(19.4/20 ov, T:151) 153/8

Somerset won by 2 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
11* (3) & 4/34
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Comms: Andrew Miller
Scorecard summary
Hampshire 150/10(20 overs)
4/34 (4)
22 (19)
1/4 (1)
Somerset 153/8(19.4 overs)
50 (35)
2/26 (4)
35 (18)
2/30 (4)

2.04pm Right, that's the end of that. The second semi-final is coming up shortly. Kent versus Sussex is minutes away from the toss. Follow the action here. From Miller and Saurabh, goodbye from here, and see you there!

Josh Davey is player of the match: "An emotional rollercoaster, we've got a lot of batting in our side, always confident we could stay in touching distance. Key is not being predictable, and using that slower ball."

Lewis Gregory: "What a game, both teams batted poorly in general, but the last three overs were special to watch. They got 15-20 more than they should but still under-par, thankfully we got over the line. Davey can slip under the radar but phenomenal in all three formats. Fingers crossed he's not batting in the final! The final might be the best time for the batters with a little bit of dew. A pretty good surface. I might try to have a sleep and get away from it [before the final]."

James Vince: "It's a deflated dressing room, started slowly, Weatherley stood up with an amazing knock, but it can be a cruel game in T20. An outstanding job all year but today wasn't our day. Right at the back end there, we'd taken wickets and would take that position in the last four overs. Didn't quite execute and they played some good shots. Really proud of the guys turning it around like they did, throughout the competition plenty to be proud of."

1.54pm Good grief. Six out of six semi-final losses for Hampshire at Edgbaston, and that one will hurt like few before. Somerset had no right to rescue that one. They were 34 for 5 in the seventh over, they were still 48 runs adrift with 20 balls remaining as Tom Abell the skipper fell. But Overton, Davey and most especially Ben Green never gave up. Incredible!

Chris Taunton: "I'm speechless - what an amazing comeback by Somerset. BUT - much as this has been a big occasion it isn't THE big one - that comes later. But no more heart-thumping slip-ups tonight - please!" There's always hope... right?

Tinura: "ECB is loving the way which they win the WC to an extent that they still don't bring super over into Blast Finals?" Too tight a turnaround on an 11-hour day!

ER Vasumathy : "Wood was impeccable till his last over. How this game acts as an absolute leveller! "

Wheal to Davey, FOUR runs

flicked off the toes, and Somerset are back from the dead! Josh Davey, Superman! Four wickets, and 15 from four balls... fists pump, dug-outs roar... Cider everywhere. Utter scenes!

150 all out anyone? What's the boundary countback looking like? A ring of steel for Hampshire now

Wheal to Davey, SIX runs

yoinked through the line and over the head of long-on! Somerset are so close now! Davey goes for broke, on the full length, and Hampshire need wickets now!

Eight from four... the pressure ramps up

Wheal to Overton, 1 run

fires in the yorker, very well nailed, Overton digs it out for a single to long-on

Wheal to Davey, 1 run

flicked firmly out to deep midwicket, just the single, but that'll do for Somerset right now

end of over 1918 runs • 1 wicket
SOM: 141/8CRR: 7.42 RRR: 10.00 • Need 10 from 6b
Craig Overton10 (5b 1x6)
Josh Davey0 (0b)
Chris Wood 4-0-26-2
Brad Wheal 3-0-28-1

Ten to win... nine to tie.... it would come down to countback, not a Super over... which is in Somerset's favour!

Wood to Overton, 2 runs

tucked to the leg side, and they decide that two will do... straight back as Overton decides to keep faith in Davey...

Overton on strike, they'll want a single here...

Wood to Green, OUT

dragged from outside off... and holes out to long on! Better from Wood, round the wicket, forcing Green to reach for the ball, and he couldn't quite get enough on it. But still... it's back on now!

Ben Green c Prest b Wood 35 (18b 1x4 3x6 24m) SR: 194.44

12 from eight... cripes! This has swung and some!

Andy: "Not a whealy good over for Hampshire! "

Wood to Green, SIX runs

low full toss, and nailed over midwicket! Fuller leaps like a Harrier, but that's hit so hard, fast and flying clean over the ropes!

Wood to Green, 2 runs

there it is, very wide, met with a firm pan out to deep cover, well timed, but scooped up in the deep

The field changes to protect the off side. Wide yorker time?

Wood to Green, 2 runs

honked to the leg side, and dropped at deep midwicket! A hard, flat slam, a really tough chance, diving forward... drama!

Wood to Green, SIX runs

in the slot, and slammed over deep midwicket! What's occurring! In the slot, an uncomplicated wipe to leg. it travels!

end of over 1818 runs
SOM: 123/7CRR: 6.83 RRR: 14.00 • Need 28 from 12b
Craig Overton8 (4b 1x6)
Ben Green19 (13b 1x4 1x6)
Brad Wheal 3-0-28-1
Scott Currie 4-0-30-2

It's a big ask ... but 28 from 14 is what... five boundaries and some singles?

Wheal to Overton, SIX runs

another full toss, crunched into the Hollies stand! Dipping into a greedy heave to leg... that's got Somerset going!

Wheal to Green, 1 run

pumped to the on-side

Now then, that toe-ended caught-behind at 17.1 might have been a catch after all...

Wheal to Green, SIX runs

aiming for the yorker again, but that's a full toss, bunted over wide long-on! There's a pulse! Solid timing on the lusty swing

Wheal to Green, FOUR runs

yanked out through square leg, a rare boundary as Wheal drags back to a good length and gets punished

Andy: "Look on the brightside, not a bad innings compared to a few recent County matches for Somerset! " That's the spirit!

Wheal to Overton, 1 run

low full toss, lumped high on the bat towards long-off

Wheal to Overton, no run

a stand and deliver swipe at the wide yorker, an appeal from the keeper, but that was probably bat on ground

end of over 178 runs • 1 wicket
SOM: 105/7CRR: 6.17 RRR: 15.33 • Need 46 from 18b
Craig Overton1 (1b)
Ben Green8 (10b)
Scott Currie 4-0-30-2
Chris Wood 3-0-8-1
Currie to Overton, 1 run

right up to the toes, clipped to deep square leg

Currie to Green, 1 run

patted out to the on-side

Abhijato: "Ah well, good thing this is a T20. If it were The Hundred they'd have to chase this in an over or so!" Time's up, in fact. 102 from 100 balls wouldn't cut it in that format either

Currie to Abell, OUT

Huge swing... but straight to deep midwicket! A big wind-up, it had to go, but the cutter gripped just enough to confound Abell's intentions. Fuller steadies himself well, and now Hampshire believe!

Tom Abell c Fuller b Currie 50 (35b 3x4 2x6 45m) SR: 142.85
Currie to Green, 1 run

another swing to leg, misses, but they pinch the quick single as Currie's right foot guides the ball towards the stumps

Match details
Edgbaston, Birmingham
TossSomerset, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultSomerset advanced
Match days18 September 2021 - day (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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