Javed Miandad's tenure as a short-term batting coach is now at closing stage. This world class Pakistani came here to give his professional expertise over batting to the local boys including the National side that takes on Pakistan on August 29 in Multan. Miandad, one of the all time greats, has captivated everyone by his charming personality and cordiality. The players from the National squad acknowledged that it would have been a lot better if they could get Miandad earlier.

The important thing is that Miandad did not try to alter their stance or style. Actually he made an effort to put his 25-year experience across the players' minds and gave them the confidence. He taught them how to face relatively stronger opponents without being nervous. Besides that he spotted every batsman's strengths and limitations and let him be conscious of those.

He did not see all the matches of Bangladesh except some sessions in the Test against India. " You have to play a good number of International matches and then you think about the improvements. An improvement in cricket is only a match related fact. Bangladesh is still a baby side with a lot of promising players. I have found that they have quality and I believe their quality will flourish. They will play plenty of matches and it's only then they are going to learn which things to do and which not. The process will take time and you have to wait for it", said Miandad.

He found every Bangladeshi batsman having one or more technical flaws. He asked them to change a few things in their technique only if they felt comfortable with those. Javed says:

" In fact no one is impeccable not even me. Most of the batsmen around the world have one or two technical defects. The more they are playing with other nations the better they are learning about how to cover those defects. Some technical defects are very usual to some batsmen since they started playing cricket and they are getting runs despite having those."

Besides beefing up the National squad with theoretical advices, Javed has raised their moral courage too. All the fourteen members were seen more confident than ever. Their wistful voices echoed a single line " Only if we got Javed Bhai earlier!"

The National team have rounded off its training sessions and Javed is giving attention to the Bangladesh-A and Under-19 squads in BKSP.