Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Match Day

518dMartin Williamson

Getting shirty about substitutes

The subject of substitute fielders has attracted considerable comment and the ICC is set to clamp down on their use. It was an issue that was high on the agenda twenty-seven years ago


No. 264

Rod Marsh breaks the wicketkeeping record ... pity about the match result

509dAndrew Miller

'Pure village-green slogging'

It was the most famous turnaround in the history of Test cricket, but for the man who instigated it, the depths from which he had to return were deeper even than those of his team

712dMartin Williamson

The hero who almost didn't play

Bob Willis, one of the heroes of Headingley 1981, wasn't even in the original squad picked for the Test

667dChristopher Martin-Jenkins

The great escape

Christopher Martin-Jenkins on the epic Headingley Test of 1981