(47.1/50 ov, target 290)292/6
NW Warriors won by 4 wickets (with 17 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
110 (123)

Its probably right that the first List A game played at the Mardyke was finished off with a six. A high scoring game kept the spectators in the ground well entertained throughout the day.

Chasing 290 is never going to be easy, although William Porterfield marshalled the chase expertly from the beginning and well deserved the player of the match for his magnificent century. Showing once again that he does have a lot to offer at this level

Even after Porterfield was out, the Warriors never panicked and an excellent partnership between Kennedy and McGuire drove the belief out of the Reds bowlers.

The Reds really didn't help themselves in the field, dropped catches won't have helped. Although they were too many mistakes in the field, not all of it could be blamed on the drizzle that had been falling throughout the afternoon.

The Warriors pick up four points for today's win and cement second place in the IP50 table.

Only one more game in the IP50 this year, although it's going to be in a couple of weeks time. The Knights taking on the Reds in Stormont.

This Friday sees the start of the first T20 festival, Six games in three days at Pembroke Cricket Club. I'll be there and I hope that you can join me too. Hopefully the games will be as high scoring as today's has been.

Until then, this is Justin saying goodnight from The Mardyke.

Kane to McClintock, SIX runs

McClintock finishes the game in style! It's a full toss from Kane and McClintock just flicks his bat at the ball. It flies over the long leg boundary to finish the game.

end of over 477 runs
NWW: 286/6CRR: 6.08 RRR: 1.33
Graham Kennedy52 (48)
William McClintock6 (6)
Josh Manley 9-0-55-2
Tyrone Kane 8-0-51-0

Only 4 needed now

Manley to Kennedy, no run

yet another full ball, hits it towards extra cover

Manley to Kennedy, 1 wide

short bouncer, called wide by the square leg boundary

Manley to Kennedy, FOUR runs

that's fifty for Kennedy, slices the ball through backward point and it runs to the boundary. Kennedy has played very well today and deserves the half-century

Manley to Kennedy, no run

full ball, flicks it up towards mid-on. No quick singles for Kennedy now...

Manley to McClintock, 1 run

clips the ball out to deep backward square

Manley to McClintock, no run

full ball, McClintock looks to jab the bat down on it and misses. Lucky for him it wasn't a straight delivery!

Warriors 10 runs away from victory now

Manley to Kennedy, 1 run

opens the face of the bat and runs the ball down to third man

end of over 467 runs
NWW: 279/6CRR: 6.06 RRR: 2.75
Graham Kennedy47 (44)
William McClintock5 (4)
Tyrone Kane 8-0-51-0
Josh Manley 8-0-48-2

Manley having a long chat with his Captain before this over starts

Kane to Kennedy, 1 run

Kennedy works the ball through square leg to keep the strike

Kane to McClintock, 1 run

Still no foot movement for McClintock, uses his power to hit the ball to the cover sweeper

Kane to McClintock, FOUR runs

McClintock comes down the track and pulls the ball to the wide long leg boundary.

Kane to McClintock, no run

stands till in the crease and looks to pull the ball into the legside. Gets an underedge and Moor stops the ball with his pads

Kane to McClintock, no run

McClintock leans onto the front foot, blocks the ball towards point. Wants the run and is sent back

Kane to Kennedy, 1 run

room outside off-stump, hits the ball out to the cover sweeper

end of over 459 runs • 1 wicket
NWW: 272/6CRR: 6.04 RRR: 3.60
Graham Kennedy45 (42)
Josh Manley 8-0-48-2
Fionn Hand 10-0-48-2

The big hitting McClintock is in next

Manley to McGuire, OUT

McGuire looks to scoop the ball over the keeper, it goes higher in the air then it travels from the middle. Moor settles under the ball and takes the catch.

Nathan McGuire c †Moor b Manley 23 (17m 10b 3x4 1x6) SR: 230
Manley to McGuire, FOUR runs

Manley looks to get the ball in the blockhole, can't nail it and its a juice full toss. Pulls the ball towards the long leg boundary, no one in the deep to stop it

Manley to Kennedy, 1 run

slices the ball in the air towards third man, no chance for the fielder in the deep to get to that

Manley to Kennedy, no run

driven to extra cover

Manley to Kennedy, 2 runs

hits the ball to deep extra cover, Sidhu manages to get both hands on the ball and can't hold on to the ball as he hits the ground

Manley to Kennedy, 2 runs

cuts the ball in the air over point, Sidhu has a lot of ground to cover and they come back for a second