The ICC has announced the process for recruiting a female independent director for the ICC Board. The independent director will be appointed for a two-year term, and may be reappointed for two further terms with a maximum six-year consecutive period of service.

Earlier this year, the ICC had approved a wide list of changes to its governance structure, including the expansion of its Board to 17 directors: 12 Full Members, three Associates, an Independent Director who must be a woman, and and the ICC chairman. Where only the Full Members previously held the right to vote through resolutions, with the chairman given the casting vote, all 17 members of the new Board now have equal voting rights.

"This is a key appointment to the ICC Board and adding another independent director - particularly a female - is an important step forward in improving our governance," Shashank Manohar, the ICC chairman, said. "We are open-minded about the expertise the successful candidate might bring the table but they must be a cricket enthusiast who complements the existing skills and experience already on our Board."

"The successful candidate," according to an ICC release, "is expected to have a genuine passion for and interest in the sport of cricket combined with recent and relevant experience at a senior level in a commercial, voluntary or public environment. She must be independent of the ICC and during the term of her appointment must not hold any office or perform any executive or operational duties for any ICC Member, or state, association or member of any Member."