The Pakistan team has lodged a complaint with the International Cricket Council (ICC) over a decision made by umpire Daryl Harper during the tri-nation Bank Alfalah Cup in Sri Lanka. According to a report in The News, a Pakistan daily, the incident happened during Pakistan's third match of the tournament, against Sri Lanka at Dambulla.

Taufeeq Umar played a ball which was picked up by a fielder, who shied at the stumps in an attempt to run out Mohammad Hafeez, the non-striker. The ball deflected off Hafeez's bat and crossed the boundary ropes. However, instead of awarding four runs to Pakistan, Harper signalled a dead ball. Replays clearly showed there was no deliberate attempt by Hafeez to stick his bat in the path of the ball.

The ICC laws state that if the ball does not cross the boundary, it is up to the batsmen to take runs off the overthrow. But if the ball crosses the ropes, four runs are awarded to the batting team.