At Karachi, October 22. Abandoned. The Australians' unhappy tour ended bitterly at the National Stadium following two disruptions by missile-throwing spectators in the crowd of 30,000. Imran won the toss and batted in ideal conditions, short-lived though the game proved to be. After sixteen minutes Lawson threw back a missile from his position at fine leg, whereupon Hughes spoke to him and also conferred with umpire Shakoor Rana and the Australian manager. Seven minutes later, after Lawson had been struck on the leg and with other fieldsmen under fire, Hughes led the Australians from the field with Pakistan 39 for one. The players were off the field for 55 minutes before, upon the wishes of their manager, they returned. Trouble immediately flared again and with the game only twelve overs old, the players left the ground for the last time. When it was announced that the game had been abandoned and that the players were no longer on the ground, violence erupted inside and outside the stadium.