Faisal Hasnain, the outgoing chief financial officer of the ICC, is set to become the new managing director of Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC). Hasnain will take over from Wilfred Mukondiwa who will step down from his position in June as he has reached the age of retirement.

The ICC announced Hasnain was leaving in December 2016, having worked at the organisation for 12 years over two stints. He has been replaced at the game's governing body by Ankur Khanna, who was the CFO at an Indian airline. Over the years in his role at the ICC Hasnain worked closely with ZC.

"While we regret losing Mr Mukondiwa's active leadership and guidance, the board is pleased to appoint Mr Hasnain to the role of managing director," ZC chairman Tavengwa Mukuhlani said. "We believe his impressive résumé, experience and desire to succeed equip him well for the challenges ahead, and we are confident that he will build upon the strong foundation that Mr Mukondiwa is leaving."

Mukondiwa, 64, joined the ZC in 2003, as general manager for human resources and domestic cricket, and over the years has also worked as board secretary and deputy managing director. He has been in the current role since 2012.

"I have had an enriching experience at ZC and in the sporting industry in general," Mukondiwa said. "My tenure was punctuated with various challenges which I believe, if all stakeholders were united and shared a common sense of purpose, are not insurmountable but of a temporary nature. In that regard, it is gratifying to see the player base growing and young players coming into the limelight. This is a positive development for the future."