There were a few catches put down during the record-breaking T20 at Eden Park, but one very valuable one was taken.

Mitchell Grimstone, a 20-year-old student, earned himself NZD50,000 courtesy of a local drinks sponsor when he leaned over the railing at deep midwicket to pluck Ross Taylor's penultimate-ball six out of the air with his left hand.

His reaction was priceless (or, well, worth 50K) as he was mobbed by those next to him in the stands.

"I'm not left-handed," he said. "But somehow I put it there and it stuck, and then everyone was jumping over me."

After the match, Taylor also presented him with his gloves and the match ball while offering congratulations.

Having had a major boost to his bank balance, it's probably a good thing Grimstone is studying accounting at university.