The Moscow Cricket League (MCL) comprised 6 teams: the Sonnets, Brumbies, NRI, VBCC, Bulls and the Mohocks. Each team has a squad of at least 15 players, with representatives from India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and England (with the occasional Russian participating).

The League has been sponsored this year by Cable & Wireless. The Indian, Australian, New Zealand and English embassies are patrons of the competition.

The season started in mid May, with a number of practice matches played at the Dynamo ground. Six matches were played, and well attended by representatives from all of the teams.

Series 1 began on 16th of June, with the final due this weekend. Competition format is based on one day limited overs matches, with each side having 30 overs. The tournament was played as a "round robin" - with 20 games in the series. We now utilise two pitches, one at Dynamo and the other at Trud. Having two grounds available has made a vast improvement to the competition, with games being played every weekend. The Trud ground has lights, and we have used this to play a number of day/night fixtures.

Series 2 is due to start on the weekend of the 18th August.

Interest in the sport is growing - with local media coverage and a small but growing Russian spectator contingent.

The main objectives of the league going forward are:

  • Establish a Russian legal entity to ensure that the league continues in perpetuity
  • Establish an indoor cricket venue so that the league can continue through the winter months
  • Promote the sport amongst Russian nationals
  • Develop an MCL first eleven touring team, and encourage matches with other national leagues.

The league is organised by the League Council that comprises the team captains and league office bearers. Main office bearers are: Vineet Arora, President; David Waterhouse, Chairman and Arthur Szczerba, Treasurer.