The near-collision
During the Asia Cup, fielders seem to have forgotten the law of physics which states that two bodies cannot occupy the same point at the same time. India have suffered two collisions, and Pakistan nearly added another when Mohammad Hafeez and Sharjeel Khan went for the same catch after Rohit Sharma miscued a pull off Mohammad Talha. Hafeez, running back from midwicket, completed the catch, but not before treading on Sharjeel Khan's toes as he ran in from deep square leg. Sharjeel limped off and didn't field after the incident, but looked in no trouble when he came out to bat.

The angry professor
A skidder from round the wicket hitting a left-handed batsman on the pads - this is the trademark Hafeez wicket. He had dismissed Shikhar Dhawan in this manner earlier in the day, and now he turned around to appeal after bowling a similar delivery, with similar results, to Ravindra Jadeja. Umpire Nigel Llong was unmoved, though, and Hafeez made his displeasure clear. Llong beckoned to Misbah-ul-Haq and had a long chat with the bowler and captain. Four overs later, Hafeez dropped a sitter from Jadeja. Was he still thinking about the lbw decision when the ball came down at him from the sky?

Run-out, again
Against Afghanistan, Misbah had responded to a call from Sohaib Maqsood only to end up finishing second in a bizarre race to the same end. Now, it was the turn of Hafeez - yes, he had a pretty eventful match - to push a ball to the off side and call Misbah for a run. Misbah ran. When he was halfway down the pitch, Hafeez sent him back. He turned and attempted to get back to his crease, but a clever little flick from a diving Amit Mishra beat him to it.

DK fluffs another stumping
Dinesh Karthik's missed stumping of Kumar Sangakkara proved crucial to India's narrow defeat against Sri Lanka on Friday. He now had a chance to make amends when R Ashwin foxed a charging Maqsood with a ball down the leg side. The partnership between Maqsood and Hafeez  - no, this isn't just a gratuitous reference - had just crossed 50, and this would have been a good time for India to take a wicket. Maqsood was nowhere near his crease when the ball popped into Karthik's gloves and popped right out.

Karthik Krishnaswamy is a senior sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo