Winning caption:
"I hate these away games in Atlantis." (Stuart Scott, UK)

Honourable mentions:

"Morne, we're meant to report anything suspicious to the ICC anti-corruption unit, right? Doesn't this all seem a bit fishy? (Dave Wyatt, UK)

"Dale, I really don't think the News of the World guys said they needed help with an underWATER investigation." (Dilip D'Souza, India)

"Look I'm telling you this is the cup Herschelle dropped." (Milinda, Sri Lanka)

"Morne, it's been two bloody hours. Where the heck is your friend Paul?" (Sid, USA)

"Mate, I can't believe you dragged me down all the way here just to make that 'Morne Snorkel' joke." (Deepak Gopalakrishnan, India)

Most common caption:

(Versions of:) "We might choke on the field but not under water."

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