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Mexico: Houston, you are a problem, leveling series 1-all

Blessed by warm and sunny conditions we've seen some excellent cricket in Mexico

Elliot Cartledge
League News
Blessed by warm and sunny conditions we've seen some excellent cricket in Mexico.
In the last league match, Corinthians set an imposing target of 172 for 7 from their allotted 30 overs. Nigel Bryans returned to form with a classy 50 not out while skipper Dean Illot chipped in with an unbeaten 41.
Reforma had to recover from a disastrous start, the first three wickets falling for just 39 runs. Opener Deb Choudhuri was then joined by guest player Elliot Cartledge and the pair added 106 runs in just 14 overs, Deb scoring his maiden half-century. Captain Max Cawdron then joined Cartledge and the scored was overhauled with two overs remaining.
Two weeks prior, Aztecs achieved a hard-fought win against Corinthians. Despite Carl Greyling's terrific fifty, Corinthians struggled to reach 97 for 5 from the set 25 overs. Aztecs stumbled at first but maintained a steady run rate with Dilip Kanji and Keith Foster supporting skipper Cartledge until the winning total was posted.
Houston Memorial Tour Mexico
In mid-March Mexico City CC hosted the annual tour from old friends, Houston Memorial CC. Scheduled to play two games, Houston had a nail-biting win first up and then lost in another close game the next day, after a run feast.
For Mexico, Tushar Gupta was in tremendous form, closely followed by club captain Max Cawdron and the effervescent Charlie Carr. For spectators and players alike, Houston skipper Mike Greathead's knock of 109 not out on the Sunday was an absolute gem. See scores below.
Saturday 10 March 2001
Mexico City 2nd XI vs Houston Memorial CC
Mexico City Batting
S. Riley   ct. Greathead b. Rae  16
A. Cooper     b. Rae  10
S. Oldfield   ct. Rolston b. Farley 13
M. Dandy   ct. Rolston b. Kapoor        0
C. Greyling   ct. Rae  b. Kapoor        0
D. Choudhuri     lbw. Kapoor      6
T. Gupta   not   out  51
J. Garrity     b. Rolston       0
R. Kenyon   lbw   b. Carr          3
A. Pease   ct. Greathead b. Farley        0
G. Watson   not  out   3
Extras    12
Total (30 overs)         9 for 116
Houston Best Bowling: Kapoor 3 for 26; Farley 2 for 10; Rae 2 for 3
Houston Batting S. Harrison ct. Choudhuri b. Gupta 1 K. Rolston b. Gupta 2 G. Kapoor ct. Riley b. Gupta 1 P. Trayner ct. Riley b. Gupta 0 S. Rae ct. Riley b. Gupta 27 M. Greathead ct. Garrity b. Choudhuri 3 J. Levine hit wicket b. Oldfield 7 N. Levine lbw. b. Choudhuri 42 H. Geddes ct. Pease b. Choudhuri 10 S. Handling not out 11 B. Farley not out 5 Extras: 8 Total (25 overs) 9 for 117
Mexico Best Bowling: Gupta 5 for 18; Choudhuri 3 for 18
Man of the Match: Tushar Gupta (Mexico City)
Sunday 11 March 2001 Mexico City 1st XI vs Houston Memorial CC Mexico Batting N. Bryans ct. Trayner b. Sheehan 9 D. Tehan lbw b. Rolston 15 T. Gupta ct. Trayner b. Rae 61 M. Cawdron b. Rolston 77 C. Carr not out 74 E. Cartledge not out 8 Shabbaz ) D. Illot ) N. Deakin ) did not bat K. Foster ) H. van Belle ) Extras: 1 Total: (43 overs) 4 for 245
Houston Best Bowling: Rolston 2 for 47
Houston Batting N. Levine ct. Cartledge b. Gupta 15 H. Geddes ct. Illot b. Deakin 38 S. Rae lbw. Cawdron 22 J. Levine b. Shabbaz 1 M. Greathead not out 109 S. Handling ct. Tehan b. Shabbaz 0 P. Trayner ct. Tehan b. van Belle 11 P. Longshaw b. Deakin 12 K. Rolston ct. Cartledge b. Gupta 3 A. Moore run out (Cartledge) 6 J. Kapoor b. Carr 0 Extras: 15 Total: (44 overs) 232
Mexico Best Bowling: Shabbaz 2 for 21; Gupta 2 for 23; Deakin 2 for 45
Man of the Match: Mike Greathead (Houston)