Match reports

†INDIA v ENGLAND 1984-85

At Cuttack, December 27

At Cuttack, December 27. England won on faster scoring-rate. Lynx-eyed batting by Marks, Downton and Ellison in light which was theoretically unplayable for most of the last hour enabled England to snatch a win. Helped by six missed chances, Srikkanth and Shastri shared an opening stand of 188 - India's highest for any wicket in one-day internationals - after Gower had chosen to field. But a poor attempt was made to capitalise on this following Srikkanth's dismissal in the 37th over, and 64 being added in 12.2 overs as Shastri moved too slowly to his hundred. The pitch was easy-paced. England's hopes faded, however, when Lamb was run out in the 33rd over at 145. Then Marks and Downton added 58 in nine overs and India lost control. Downton and Ellison had just completed the win (by 0.08 of a run) when the game was abandoned, after 46 overs, in the gloaming.
Man of the Match: R. J. Shastri.