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Scrutiny of Women's Cricket in Pakistan

PWCCA presented its documents to the PCB's Scrutiny Committee on July 29, 2002 at the NSK and physical scrutiny was held in Karachi on 25 - 27 September 2002

Pakistan Women's Cricket Control Association
PWCCA presented its documents to the PCB's Scrutiny Committee on July 29, 2002 at the NSK and physical scrutiny was held in Karachi on 25 - 27 September 2002. Amongst others, the three basic documents which endorse the status of PWCCA were:
a) Registration and constitution of PWCCA under constitution of PWCCA under corporate law. b) PWCC's Full membership/affiliation granted to PWCCA. c) PWCC's status with PWCCA as on July 29, 2002.
PWCCA has stressed to Mr. Javed Zaman, Chairman Scrutiny Committee to announce its findings by October, 30, 2002, as the period of scrutiny of the associations/clubs has exceeded the time limit of 10 weeks ordered by the Honorable Lahore High Court, on June 20, 2002.
As PWCCA is registered under corporate law and is full member of PWCC, it does not wish to suffer humiliation any further Nationally and Internationally by the repeated false unstoppable accusations and lamentable actions made by the so - called PWCA against PWCCA.
STATUS OF PWCA (Lahore): It's unregistered and unaffiliated. The Scrutiny Committee is aware of the status, as no substantive documents have been submitted to them. PWCCA has repeatedly placed enough material on record that clearly suggests that the so - called PWCA has NO legal standing and is incapable of running the women cricket affairs in Pakistan.
AN INDECENT INCIDENT took place on October 02, 2002 at the Race Course Ground, Lahore, where Azra Perveen, Secretary General of so-called PWCA and Assistant Director of Punjab Sports Board, with the help of a male guard and assistance of 15-20 colleagues verbally and physically abused members of PWCCA - Miriam Butt and Ambreen Nawaz. It was reported to the Police and Azra Perveen's confessions and written apology were also registered at the Police Station. PWCCA instantly reported this to Mr. Javed Zaman who assured us of a stern action that PCB would take against PWCA. PWCCA is still waiting for the results. (copies of apology letter & report enclosed for your reference).
Being the guardian of sports, Azra Perveen's position in the Pakistan Sports Board should be taken very seriously in this matter by the Government of Pakistan as she is misusing her status and is unfit to hold her position in sports.
FALSE CLAIMS: Member of PWCA on their website had claimed to have *200 women's cricket club (approximately 3200 players), which was later drastically cut down to **1000 active players which was then through the performas submitted by PWCA to the PCB Scrutiny Committee on September 15, 2002, again reduced to 41 clubs (approximately 656 players). This rapid reduction in the number of playing members reflects adversely on the standing/honesty and claims of the so-called PWCA.
(**More than 200 women clubs - Now, more than 200 Women Cricket teams are active in Pakistan " /ASSOCIATIONS/PWCA/INTRODUCTION.html")
(**PWCA's cricket teams have more than 1000 players from all provinces and divisions, mostly all-rounders " /ASSOCIATIONS/PWCA/ARCHIVE/Transcript-9MediaRel-2000.html")
FICTICIOUS 41 CLUBS: PWCA has claimed to run 41 clubs, the list discloses only school and colleges as 'clubs'. According to the constitution of PCB or any other cricket governing bodies around the world, do not treat teams from schools, colleges or any other educational institutions as Clubs. NO evidence such as Score Books when/where and to how these clubs were established is to be found PWCCA in the capacity of being the observers are still awaiting information from PCB in the regard.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Shaiza Khan
Pakistan Women's Cricket Control Association, (Guarantee Limited).
October 17, 2002